Workout Wednesday: BLAST OFF!

oFirst and foremost, Confidence Gear:
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BLAST is an amazing workout that I tried a few times a year ago and then randomly here and there after that. It is very similar to Orange Theory; however, I like the variance a little better and the atmosphere is very bright and upbeat versus the dim lights at OTF. The great thing about BLAST is that they are pushing you and you are doing a combination of cardio and strength for blocks at a time.

What is it?
blastBLAST has a great combination of cardio and strength for a 60 minute class. The instructor calls out guidelines for a walker, jogger and runner at what speed and incline to go at for a block period of time. And then you rotate and go on the floor to do toning and strengthening workouts that the instructor show you for the day.
blast900They also have an instructor assistant who changes our water bottles (free for everyone by the way), towels and weight for you. High intensity interval training (HIIT) is the best way to lose weight- it’s the type of workout every body needs!
coolqslwyae1bjyHere’s a BLAST routine to do at home:

Run on the treadmill for 8 minutes alternating with the following block: incline 0 and speed 7, incline -1 and speed 9, incline 1 and speed 6

8 minutes of Arm toning workouts with weights: 20 bicep curls, 20 butterflies, 20 tricep curls, 20 squats and raises with weights, 20 lunges with weights

Back on the treadmill for 8 minutes alternating with the following block: incline 5 and speed 7, incline 10 and speed 5, incline 15 and speed 4, incline 24 and speed 2.5-3

8 minutes of 10 situps with weights, plank hold, side holds, hands to knees

Repeat all 4 rounds for a full hour.


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