It’s sElection Day!


Okay, I know my blog’s primary focus is fashion, food, fitness and travel; however, I do have occasional “Sonia-ism” posts and I think today calls for one- it’s the first day in history where the most number of people are registered to vote. I’ve actually always been moderate- not fully a democrat or republican. I think I need a party of my own- maybe you should go for the underdog. I’m very curious who will take the lead- the first woman president or the first… wait, this is on the internet. No just kidding- to be honest, I don’t think you can go right either way. Okay okay just kidding- I’m all for women’s rights though and powerful women in high positions who can have it all- work, family, life and fun… I participated in early voting- what about you?!

Remember my poll post? Well, voice your opinion again today!

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