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unnamedI am so ecstatic because today is the release of my husband’s blog (well, more of a website): Gentlementality. My hubby is the biggest men’s fashionista I know- maybe that’s why we get along so well! Most people watch movies on Netflix Friday nights- we are watching fashion documentaries and discussing who is the best creative director for fashion brands. While others are reading books for fun, we are reading Vogue, GQ and table fashion books. When he first told me he was starting a blog, I thought wow I have inspired him! But no, seriously- this is not a blog- it is a website of his culmination and research of the ultimate fashion guide for men. If you’ve ever seen him, then you know how passionate he is about how to dress correctly. I can’t think of anyone better ‘suited’ to be your own personal style advisor!
unnamedWho is Mr. Gentlementality? 
There are quite a few different sections on the website with clever titles (of course) such as:
1. Be Square (Pocket squares)
2. Suit Yourself (Suits..duh)
3. That’s a Wrap (Bedsheets)
4. I, of the Tiger (Animal print)
5. Be Shady (Sunglasses…duh)
6. Mind Your Business Casual 
7. Tie It Together (Ties)
8. Boot Up
9. Making Bedder Choices (Something different from clothing- beds)
10. Carry On (Laptop bags and such)
11. Dollars and Scents (Cologne)
12. Tee Time (T-shirts)

Checkout my bae, Jibin Thomas’ blog/website… I’ve seen him work on this website for the past few months and it is legen…dary! After all, Rome wasn’t built in a day!


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