Mouth-water Monday: Avocado, Egg and Toast- Oh my!

california-avocado-toast-three-waysWith all this candy going around for Halloween (Happy Halloween by the way) and Diwali food (Happy New Year by the way to those who celebrate), I thought I would write a very opposite post of unhealthiness. The most nutritious, delicious meal you could ever eat. Oh and the simplest to prepare. This is one of my favorite meals for either lunch or dinner. You can make it multiple ways- slice or spread the avocado.

Serves: 1, Calories: ~210-450 (1-2 slices)

1-2 slices bread
1 Avocado
1-2 eggs
Pinch of Salt
Any type of sauce is optional
Any type of cheese or garnishing is optional

See picture. Really, it’s that simple.


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