Workout Wednesday: Post Premier Protein Drink.

305862-proteinsnacks-premierprotein-vanillaProtein drinks can be good or bad depending on the sugar, carb and caloric content of the drink. It also depends on the type of workouts you are doing and how much strength building is involved. I don’t usually drink any sort of protein after workouts; however, when I do a very toning exercise, I try to make sure I have enough protein (since I am a vegetarian). This is from my personal experience, but the best one out there that I have found is Premier Protein as far as nutrition, taste, sugar/carb content and cost. I would highly recommend it if you workout enough and don’t get as much protein!
blogentry-46516-13814461316674Quick strength workout:
Pushups, 2 min between sets
25, 20, 12, 12
Lunges, 2 min between. Count is for both legs
15, 15, 15
Assisted one-legged squats (each leg), 1 minute between legs
8,8, 8,8, 8,8
Side to side push up (to each side)
9,9 8,8 7,7
End with a 5 minutes of a preferred ab workout.

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