Mouth-water Monday: Summer Salad

Mango-Avocado-and-Quinoa-Salad-8-e1459530801994This mango-avocado quinoa salad is delicious, filling and nutritious! Mango’s and watermelons are my favorite fruits to eat in the summer so I’m always trying to incorporate them into every meal. The best part is that it takes only 30 minutes to make!

Servings: 4, Calories per serving: ~350

1 cup quinoa
1 diced red onion
Chopped parsley, cilantro and mint (garnishing)
1 lime juiced or 1 cap lime juice
2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil (Remember Olea Oliva?)
1-2 mangoes diced
1-2 avocados diced
Salt, pepper and spices to taste
Optional: baby spinach or kale and cotija cheese

1. Prepare and cook quinoa
2. Toss together all ingredients with quinioa and spices and garnishing’s.

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