The Best of Cape Cod: Nantucket

thumb_IMG_1397_1024I apologize for two travel posts in one week, but I loved both places so much that I could not resist! I promise more of recipes, fitness and fashion coming up next week!

Nantucket. I don’t even know where to begin! A couple weeks ago, I took a girls family trip with my Mom and sister to Boston and a day trip to Nantucket for my Mom’s birthday. More about Boston later- this post is reserved for the charm of the little island called Nantucket.
thumb_IMG_1224_1024There are a few ways to get to Nantucket from Boston, but either way it can be a lengthy trip. From downtown Boston, you need to first take the bus (Peter Pan or P&B) at South Station to Hyannis which is about a 1.5 hour ride (well it’s supposed to be, but we went July 4th weekend and it ended up taking the bus 3 hours to get to Hyannis)!
thumb_IMG_1251_1024From Hyannis you can take the Steamship Authority or Hy-Line cruises ship (1 hour fast ferry). Alternatively, you can travel by plane from Boston to Nantucket or take a train as well. Fair warning though if you do what we did and take the bus/ship- if it is the summer season especially July 4th weekend, then factor in twice as much travel time- we ended up missing our ferry twice, but were lucky enough to get on it the 3rd time!
thumb_IMG_1222_1024Unfortunately, this cut our time in Nantucket from 5 hours to 2 hours so we didn’t get to explore much on the island and it was rushed, but honestly- I only needed 5 minutes there to fall in love with it. We were so grateful to have even gotten the 2 hours over nothing!
thumb_IMG_1231_1024 thumb_IMG_1248_1024 Our journey began with strolling over to Jetties Beach located on the opposite end of the island. It was so serene and lively at the same time. I felt like I was part of a summer novel. Nantucket has many beaches, but I had done my research beforehand and fell in love with Jetties and definitely had to visit it first. We wanted to spend more time, but with our time crunch- we had to keep moving!
thumb_IMG_1231_1024The best part of walking from the beach to our next stop was the streets and corners we turned- it was so much fun stopping at every place to take pictures- the views and houses were breathtaking along with my favorite waterfront hotel- White Elephant (definitely will be staying there next time)!
thumb_IMG_1228_1024 thumb_IMG_1226_1024 thumb_IMG_1250_1024 thumb_IMG_1221_1024 thumb_IMG_1218_1024Our next stop was the oldest house on the island. By the time we got there, the history tours were done for the day but we peaked inside and it looked exactly like one of those houses you would see on Little House on the Prairie!
thumb_IMG_1245_1024thumb_IMG_1244_1024There were quite a few things that we did not get to do that was on my list- the Whaling Museum (it’s a must do if you’re a Moby Dick fan), restaurants and rent a bicycle to ride around the island. However, we did get to go to the Juice Bar Homemade Ice Cream which is extremely popular that lines were out the door. The fresh juices and ice cream were simply irresistible.
thumb_IMG_1253_1024There is so much left to do in Nantucket. I can’t wait to go back one day to spend a few days on this gem of an island! Lastly, how fitting of me to find a cute Tiffany Blue cottage to snap a shot! Nantucket is definitely in competition with the Hamptons on favorite city getaway spots on the East coast!

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    Loved all the beautiful pictures, and now this is another destination on my very LONG list of places I need to visit. 🙂

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