Workout Wednesday: Shaun T-25

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“I don’t have time to workout!” That’s what most people I know say, but what if you had a 25 minute video that focused on different things each day and maximized your workout time?

I did focus T25 (a beachbody product, read my post here) by Shaun T who also made Insanity Asylum (read my post here) for almost a year everyday and absolutely loved it. The good thing about is that you can tailor it to your level. The downfall is that your body can become used to it if you do it for a long period of time.

Focus T25 is broken into a 2 month program beginning with alpha DVD’s and then beta DVD’s which take it up a notch.

1. Total Body Circuit- high intensity training
2. Ab Intervals- strength training
3. Lower Focus- cardio and strength
4. Cardio- cardio only (of course)
5. Speed 1.0- easiest of the bunch

1. Core Cardio- intense cardio
2. Dynamic Core- extreme cardio
3. Speed 2.0- crazy cardio
4. Rip’T Circuit- strength training for entire body
5. Upper Focus- strength and cardio

For all of you who are serious- there is also a gamma month that is more intense! Want a taste of what it would be like? Try the routine below for a week (I do it from time to time):

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