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IMG_0826I’m sure you guys remember my summer cleanse post from last week! Well, if you’ve ever made those healthy juices, then you know that at times it can be labor intensive with all the ingredients. That’s why when I found an I Love Juice Bar store had opened near my work (a year ago in June 2015), I was ecstatic! Juice Bar was founded by John and Vui Hent (originally started in Nashville) who were inspired by a documentary called Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead in which an obese man goes on a juice cleanse to lose weight and get healthier. Juicing is not just for weight loss, but it can also help you feel better, boost your immune system and overall, make you healthier. Juice Bar has all natural juices without any sugar added and is made fresh daily with fruits and veggies from all around the country. I Love Juice Bar is a franchise located in GA, TN, FL, AK, MI, WV, NC, SC, CA and many more to come!
IMG_0827Why? What? How often?
Andrew Bascas is the manager at the location in Suwanee, GA and recommends to his customers to drink at least one juice a day (unless you’re doing a juice cleanse which they offer for 6 days). He also asks them how they are feeling and has different juices he recommends. For example, for a tired and sluggish day where hydration is key, he will recommend the most popular juice they have- Sweet Greens (apple, kale, cucumber, parsley, spinach and lemon) and for people who want to clean out their digestive system, he recommends anything with ginger, jalapeños and/or cayenne pepper. He recommends not replacing a juice for a whole meal, but rather replacing a portion of a meal with the juice to begin with.
IMG_0828Why Juice Bar?
Juice Bar is different than most other places because they don’t use any sugar and it is all fresh veggies and fruit. Besides that- their goal is to educate the community on a healthy lifestyle! They also have an amazing loyalty rewards program that you can sign up for. Also, all of their nutrition is listed on the website and you can get a super healthy and amazingly delicious juice for just 40 calories!  The juices are sooo good! I was lucky enough to sample the sweet greens, we got the beet (beets, carrot, apple, ginger, lemon) and orange you glad (carrot, apple, pineapple, lemon, ginger, mint).
FullSizeRender-1 Sweet greens is my all time favorite (only 110 calories for the small), but I am so glad I got to sample them because I normally don’t like beets or ginger and we got the beet was by far my favorite (120 calories for a small).
FullSizeRenderJuice Bar also has a bunch of healthy food that you can grab and go and is very delicious including spring rolls, quinoa salads, hummus, fruit and soup! For those who may want more than just juice- they also have delicious smoothies! For others who are on the go and need something quick- a wheatgrass shot is the way to go! The best part is that their prices are extremely reasonable for the amount and value that you are getting- ranging anywhere from $6-$9 for your daily dose of fruits and veggies!
IMG_0825Grab a juice and go- it’s the new healthy and delicious way to live! Lastly, a secret tip- they use various ingredients together to get a good mix and vibrant color!

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