Hi, Society- St. Regis Atlanta!

9576603_2The St. Regis in Atlanta is nestled in the upscale Buckhead neighborhood at 88 West Paces Ferry Road or more commonly known as “The Best Address in Atlanta.” I am absolutely in love with this luxurious resort which happens to be one of my favorite hang out spots with the hubby!

Here’s why:
Lobby-with-Staircase1. The Interior Design
Not only is it gorgeous with its’ extravagant chandeliers, but the spiral staircase adds a finishing touch to the classic yet modern design. The fireplace and seating area is the perfect place to sip on a cup of hot chocolate!
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Library2. The Library
Come on now.. which upscale, high society member isn’t well-cultured and educated on literature from Jane Eyre to Moby Dick?
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Astor-Court3. Tea Time
In alliance with #2, which high society luxurious resort is without tea time? Astor Court offers a delicious selection.
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The-St-Regis-Bar-24. The St. Regis Bar
This is probably my favorite reason and most common hang out spot- the bar. Just like the King Cole Bar in NYC (and who does not want to be reminded of NYC?), The St. Regis bar in Atlanta features a mural of the Phoenix rising from the ashes with the best Bloody Mary in town (also a signature of St. Regis).
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Exterior5. The St. Regis Condominiums
Why wouldn’t you want to run your hotel stay into a permanent residence? Well, it is priced at over $3 million and comes with a waiting list… get in line (a girl can only dream)!


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