Napa Valley! #WineNot?

13435535_10105656844914290_2050918390807611230_nA couple weeks ago, I went on a girls trip to San Fran in honor of one of my childhood friend’s wedding and we did a day trip to Napa. It was amazing! We rented a limo to take us from SF to Napa and back from about 10am till 8pm. If you ever do the trip, then keep traffic in mind- traffic is insane from SF to Napa no matter what time of the year it is! There is a lot to say about Napa, but I am only going to focus on which wineries we went to and what I liked about them!
13434808_10105656843167790_1167551563403656674_nWe started the day off at 10:30am and got back to SF around 7:30pm. Most of the wineries are only open from 10am-5pm in Napa. Napa has 400 wineries (Sonoma has 200 so a total of 600 within the area), but we were able to make it to 3 wineries which is pretty good with a group of 8 girls. Each winery we went to was very different and had a certain type of aura to it which made it perfect for the day.

1. Domaine Chandon
13445581_10105656845538040_5510198591834464978_nThis was our first stop and it was absolutely gorgeous. We just sat around and enjoyed the views and each other’s company while sipping on some bubbly. We had the Chandon Rosè here and it was amazingly good. I normally don’t like rose’s, but this one was fantastic. Definitely worth visiting this winery to enjoy views, food and a romantic walk or fun girl talk!

2. Castello di Amorosa
13494922_10105656844564990_6538056240524909274_nThis one was gorgeous from the outside mainly because of the castle, but probably my least favorite since it was extremely touristy. We did actual wine tasting here and my favorites were 2010 sangiovese napa valley (very similar to chianti in taste), 2012 cabernet sauvignon napa valley and then a surprise- la fantasia which is actually a rosé.

3. Sterling Vineyards
13434966_10105656843641840_6116481468447801943_nThis was our last stop and probably most of the girls favorite. It was very different- you take a sky tram up to the actual building for amazing views. The thing I loved the most was that the wine tasting is set up at different stations throughout the beautiful building so you are not rushed and can sip along and enjoy the view. They also let you keep your glass as a souvenir!

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