Workout Wednesday: Couch Potato!

10464375_271442103047637_2374662774695175400_nFor those of us who unwind and relax by watching TV or Netflix and LOVE to binge eat on sweets, but then can’t sit still because we feel guilty and need to burn it off- this post if for you!

Don’t be a couch potato– it’s very detrimental to your health and your cognitive abilities. Instead, try to constantly move and do some simple workouts while you watch!

You can use the above routine once, twice or a few times in a 30 minute show or you can use my personal routine that I try always do on a daily basis while I watch TV!

S.A.T.’s Anti-Couch Potato Daily Regimen:
100 waist/oblique twists (Standing)
100 butt crunches (Sitting)
50 side kicks on each leg (Standing)
25 Small ab crunches (Sitting)


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