Mouth-water Monday: Taco Salad (Minus the Taco)!

salad6Growing up one of my favorite things to eat that my Mom made was taco salad (every week)! Once I started getting health cautious, I started taking out the crushed taco shells and tortilla chips and adding in other ingredients. It tastes amazing, it’s super simple to make, you can make batches at a time and it’s extremely filling! There are a variety of ways to make a “mexican salad” so below I am going to list ingredients that I use & mix-up so that you can come up with your own little concoction!

Combine any of the ingredients or all listed below in a huge mixing bowl and add in spices to your taste- especially taco seasoning!

Black beans and/or ground turkey or beaf
Spinach, romaine lettuce or kale even
Red or green peppers
Pickled jalapeños
Salsa, pico de gallos, green chili sauce
Shredded cheddar cheese
Cooked quinoa
Kidney beans

Gotta have my crunch:
If you just need that crunch, then instead of taco strips, shells or tortilla chips use any of the following:
1. Baked organic lentil chips
2. Baked organic pita chips
3. More green/red peppers uncooked to give that crunch
4. Soynuts
5. Homemade kale chips

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  1. Manishi says:

    love this post!!! and your cookie post!!! How do you make this in batches? Meaning how does the mango and avocado keep for more than a few days if you make a batch?

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