• Food

    Mouth-water Monday: The Best Soft Tacos EVER.

    You guys may recall from my post about Savannah that I had these soft tacos at a Mexican restaurant there that I absolutely LOVED. I hated tacos prior to trying this and now it’s my new regular and I learned how to make them at home! Ingredients (Makes 3 soft tacos) ~400-500 calories: 1 pack mini flour tortillas OR 1 pack light Flatout (healthier option) 1 avocado (cut into slices) 1 small onion (diced) 1 can roasted poblano pepper slices Queso fresco or any type of square cheese chunks Cilantro Lime Creamy southwest chipotle sauce 1 bottle Tomatillo verde green sauce Directions: Warm the tortillas in the microwave and add…

  • Health and Fitness

    Workout Wednesday: Couch Potato!

    For those of us who unwind and relax by watching TV or Netflix and LOVE to binge eat on sweets, but then can’t sit still because we feel guilty and need to burn it off- this post if for you! Don’t be a couch potato– it’s very detrimental to your health and your cognitive abilities. Instead, try to constantly move and do some simple workouts while you watch! You can use the above routine once, twice or a few times in a 30 minute show or you can use my personal routine that I try always do on a daily basis while I watch TV! S.A.T.’s Anti-Couch Potato Daily Regimen: 100…

  • Food

    Olay Olay- Olea Oliva!

    Note: Scroll to the bottom for a free Olea Oliva bottle and promo code for a discount! Olea Oliva is a boutique nestled in East Cobb (Marietta, GA) at the Avenue which sells various olive oils, gourmet spices, dark and white balsamic vinegar’s, paleo blends and various other health promoting items that just opened in March of this year. I had the pleasure of being invited for an interview and special tasting with the owners Smita and Dilip Daya. I also brought along my friend Rosi Patel with me who is a part of the University of Arizona Integrated Health and Lifestyle Program and has always promoted using olive oil…

  • Fashion

    Fashion Friday: Flourished with Florals

    “Florals? For Spring? Groundbreaking” says Miranda Priestly in The Devil Wears Prada. Well, believe it or not (like anything in the fashion world-it always comes back): florals are back in and 2016’s hot new trend for the spring! As corny as it may sound, I am ‘flourished with florals!’ I can’t get over how amazingly gorgeous floral prints look whether they’re on a dress, shoes, scarf or a purse. Many designers have adopted florals for their lines along with Gucci- the print on the Gucci purse is so intriguing and can be perfectly paired with a bold solid color dress. Here are some of my favorites from this season that…

  • Decor

    Around the World in 60 Seconds

    Ever since I was younger, I always said when I grow up I’d buy a vintage world globe for decor. I don’t know, but there is something about having the entire world there to look at & spin around, point to a random place and take a trip there. It’s also astonishing how many adults do not know where many countries are- even I have to google “world map” frequently. There are plenty of ways to decorate a room with a globe, but my favorite is one globe that is not the focal point, but a decor piece near the couch where I can touch and look at it: Of course there…

  • Fashion

    Fashion Friday: Stripin’ The Blues

    Lately I have seen this color combination everywhere- white, black and bright blue. It always baffles me as to how so many designers come up with the same color scheme? Well, that’s probably because it goes really well together! The blue definitely pops and is more modern than your classic red. Yes please, I want it!  

  • Fabulous Life of S.A.T


    A couple of months ago, I had to go to Savannah, GA for a pharmacy conference and I took my Mom with me. So for those of you who may not know, I lived in Savannah for a couple of years when I was in pharmacy school and absolutely despised it. Everyone thought that was crazy since Savannah is known to have great sunny weather, Tybee island (the beach) and great food along the river. Most people go to Savannah for a vacation, but for me, it was torture- I hated the humidity and bugs- roaches, lizards and frogs oh my- in my apartment and car! I remember crying every…

  • Food

    Mouth-water Monday: Taco Salad (Minus the Taco)!

    Growing up one of my favorite things to eat that my Mom made was taco salad (every week)! Once I started getting health cautious, I started taking out the crushed taco shells and tortilla chips and adding in other ingredients. It tastes amazing, it’s super simple to make, you can make batches at a time and it’s extremely filling! There are a variety of ways to make a “mexican salad” so below I am going to list ingredients that I use & mix-up so that you can come up with your own little concoction! Directions: Combine any of the ingredients or all listed below in a huge mixing bowl and add in…