Bora Bora the Explorer!

10671441_10103724774938010_8887132781849137868_nBora Bora: the ultimate paradise. Nirvana. Literally. My husband and I went to this beauty a year and half ago for our honeymoon and it was absolutely magical. I know that sounds cliché but it really was a once in a lifetime dream vacation. Bora Bora resides in the whitest sands & the bluest of blue waters in French polynesia.

1922317_10103724774179530_2647919560655426670_nNot only are you super isolated from civilization, but residing on the clear blue water and with up-close picturesque scenery is something you cannot imagine until you have experienced it. The minute we got there we were in heaven after our incredibly fun, but busy wedding weekend.

10702206_10103724775042800_4493009476558708770_nWe had the privilege of staying at the five star luxurious and secluded Intercontinental Thalasso Resort & Spa. We stayed in the middle of the ocean in an over-the-water bungalow which is breathtaking & makes for the ultimate romantic stay. Waking up everyday with glass beneath your feet so you can see the fishies swim by while you eat or brush your teeth is truly enjoyable. We also spent a night in Tahiti which I do not recommend- there is nothing to see there- spend the extra night in Bora Bora if you can!
10583934_10103730208399310_6684884731712000787_nAs far as activities go, we did not do much except kayaking on our own by the shore and scuba diving for the fist time with TOPDIVE which was an unforgettable experience. Our days consisted of being awoken by the beautiful sunrise, (working out- me only), pigging out on the continental breakfast, snorkeling and laying around in the water by our bungalow & enjoying each others’ company while we walked around and ate some more. It was the ultimate vacation for anyone who wants to be lazy which I normally am not, but this was well-deserved after a year’s worth of hectic, but fun wedding planning!

10647064_10103740137142030_4218334111165704513_nWe did take a boat ride and go on the island once. Boy, was I glad we did not stay at the resorts on the island and honestly I could have done without the island tour, but it was nice to get to know the area and go atop the mountains to see the view from the other side. But my recommendation would be to stay put and enjoy the bungalow ocean instead! We also ate on the island once which was pretty good I must say, but the food in Bora Bora is mediocre and super pricey- but that did not stop us from stuffing our faces (we both gained 10 pounds on our 10 days that we were there)!

1016554_10103724774743400_4137032394658368480_nThis is the view from our porch outside of our bungalow which we would sit at and enjoy lunch at times. The last day it rained but there was something amazing about being out in the ocean in the middle of a thunderstorm while watching episodes of Lost with your new hubby! We also enjoyed sipping some bubbly and floating in the middle of the ocean like there was no worry in the world. When we got back from our once in a lifetime trip of 10 days in paradise, we truly were depressed and had major withdrawals. That’s when we decided we would go back on our 50th anniversary and stay in the same bungalow and re-live the magic! I miss polynesians greeting us with “yorana” & “moraru!”

Random Hollywood Facts:
1. Bora Bora was where the movie Couples Retreat was shot.
2. The Kardashians stayed at the overwater bungalow of the Hilton in Bora Bora.
3. Jennifer Aniston recently honeymoon’ed in Bora Bora!


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