Fashion Friday: Capewoman

Actual: Skirt|Sweater|Blazer|Tights|Jacket|Belt|Shoes|Necklace|Earrings
Alternative: Skirt|Sweater|Blazer|Tights|Jacket|Belt|Shoes|Necklace|Earrings

Cape jackets are classy, fashionable and can keep you warm if you wear the right thing underneath it. Still skeptical of if it can keep you warm? Well, it’s a great transition into spring for those days when it is cool in the mornings and hot during the days and you are unsure of how to dress. The fashion trend of draping jackets was great, but it falls off at times and why drape when you can just cape?

Here’s a great selection to jazz up your outfit:

What’s your inner ‘Capewoman?’


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