Fashion Friday: Spearling


Spearling = Spring + Shearling!

This post is in honor of Jibin– it’s my husband’s birthday today! For those of you who do not know him- he is a little fashion diva and perfecting our styles is the one thing we have in common. If I ever need an opinion on my outfit, then I’m never one to send a snap to a girlfriend to ask- instead I’m always asking him. The reason why this post is in his honor is his obsession with shearling (suede + clipped fur from lamb or sheep). A designer I know that makes fabulous shearling jackets for men is Asaf Ganot.

Of course shearling is very simple to sport in the winter for the obvious reason that it keeps you warm, but what about in the spring or summer? The above picture is from Burberry’s Spring Summer 2015 line. The model is sporting a tailored denim jacket with a shearling collar. Below are some great options to wear in this spring or summer (depending on where you live):

On a side note, Happy Birthday Jibin! Here’s a special website I had created for my hubby a few years ago for his 30th birthday- feel the force!

Fashion Friday: Capewoman

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