• Fashion

    Fashion Friday: Spearling

    Spearling = Spring + Shearling! This post is in honor of Jibin– it’s my husband’s birthday today! For those of you who do not know him- he is a little fashion diva and perfecting our styles is the one thing we have in common. If I ever need an opinion on my outfit, then I’m never one to send a snap to a girlfriend to ask- instead I’m always asking him. The reason why this post is in his honor is his obsession with shearling (suede + clipped fur from lamb or sheep). A designer I know that makes fabulous shearling jackets for men is Asaf Ganot. Of course shearling is…

  • Food

    Mouth-water Monday: Cookie Monster!

    A friend sent me this recipe a while back and as I am obsessed with oats- I had to blog about it! You can make it with chocolate chips or substitute it with any other type of cookie that is your favorite. It can even be used as a healthy breakfast or snack! So the next time your kids are bugging you to make cookies- secretly make this healthiest cookie recipe: Servings: 15-20, ~100-150 calories per serving Ingredients: 2 tsps vanilla extract 1 LARGE organic egg (Organic egg= more moisture) 4 tbsp brown sugar 1/2 cup coconut oil 1 1/2 cup oat flour (regular or quick oats blended- measure after blending) 1 tsp…

  • Decor

    SATio Furniture

    You know that time of the year when the seasons are transitioning from winter to spring and it’s 40 degrees in the morning but 80 degrees throughout the day and you never know how to dress or whether to keep your AC or heater on? I’ve always disliked ‘that time of year’ except for one thing- being able to sit outside on the patio in the PERFECT weather conditions. No humidity, it’s not too hot, it’s not chilly and it has the perfect breeze. Sitting out on the patio takes me back to my childhood when we used to grill outside or sit with my grandparents and play cards. So…

  • Health and Fitness

    Workout Wednesday: Saddlebags

    If you’re a woman, then you know one of the biggest problem areas to tone up are those thunder thighs or more commonly known as “saddlebags” that cushion your side glutes. Join me in the above 30 day challenge to add on to your normal daily workout routine! First and foremost- confidence gear: Top|Hoodie|Sports Bra|Shoes|Pants|Skinny Up|Slim Fit|Leggings|JC Hoodie|JC Pants Some of the best saddlebag workout videos to do at home: Workout 1 Workout 2 Workout 3 Workout 4 Workout 5

  • Health and Fitness

    Workout Wednesday: Insanity Asylum

    A while back I wrote a post on a workout program called Insanity that I completed many times. What did I do after that? Insanity Asylum of course (also by Beachbody and Shaun T)! Insanity Asylum takes it a step further where you really have to bring your A-game and it ranges from 25-60 minute videos consisting of speed & agility, vertical plyo, relief, strength, back to core and game day. What I Love It: Cardio and strength all in one and only 30 days. Drawback: Need some props (agility ladder and speed rope) Confidence Fitness Gear: Top|Hoodie|Sports Bra|Shoes|Pants|Skinny Up|Slim Fit|Leggings|JC Hoodie|JC Pants Alternative 1 Month Home Workout to Insanity Asylum:…

  • Travel

    Ban Diego

    My husband and I went to San Diego a year and half ago for a family friend’s wedding, but we purposefully went a little earlier and stayed back a little longer so that we could explore (and quite frankly we were having honeymoon trip withdrawals and wanted to go on another vacation)! To my surprise, I wasn’t a huge fan of it (however, my husband would beg to differ). We didn’t have time to go to La Jolla which apparently is one of the best parts of San Diego. We stayed at the Grand Hyatt which was prime location and did have some great food around it. We started our…

  • Fashion

    Fashion Friday: ManSOLEo Blahnik

    Manolo Blahnik heels became even more of a fashion icon when Carrie Bradshaw sported the little blue ones in the first Sex and the City movie. These shoes are extremely comfortable since Mr. Blahnik used boyhood women like Audrey Hepburn as an inspiration for comfort and style. They are made with a gorgeous satin fabric and many brides wear it as their ‘something blue.’ It comes in all sorts of colors as you can see above with varying heel heights ranging from 4.25 to 0.5 inches (flats as well). However, not every color can be found in every heel size. Although a great fashion icon for every girl to have,…

  • Travel

    Bora Bora the Explorer!

    Bora Bora: the ultimate paradise. Nirvana. Literally. My husband and I went to this beauty a year and half ago for our honeymoon and it was absolutely magical. I know that sounds cliché but it really was a once in a lifetime dream vacation. Bora Bora resides in the whitest sands & the bluest of blue waters in French polynesia. Not only are you super isolated from civilization, but residing on the clear blue water and with up-close picturesque scenery is something you cannot imagine until you have experienced it. The minute we got there we were in heaven after our incredibly fun, but busy wedding weekend. We had the…

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    Fashion Friday: Capewoman

    Actual: Skirt|Sweater|Blazer|Tights|Jacket|Belt|Shoes|Necklace|Earrings Alternative: Skirt|Sweater|Blazer|Tights|Jacket|Belt|Shoes|Necklace|Earrings Cape jackets are classy, fashionable and can keep you warm if you wear the right thing underneath it. Still skeptical of if it can keep you warm? Well, it’s a great transition into spring for those days when it is cool in the mornings and hot during the days and you are unsure of how to dress. The fashion trend of draping jackets was great, but it falls off at times and why drape when you can just cape? Here’s a great selection to jazz up your outfit: What’s your inner ‘Capewoman?’