Fashion Friday: Hide & Show

thequint-2015-11-5de14650-5367-4414-ab26-37cd4ac55e20-e9f26351c101617a186a0d3e3ee1617eAll women hate it when they are having to categorize what ‘body type’ they have because it can be humiliating and depressing if you’re not the type you “ideally” want. However, women are looking at it the wrong way. The reason why you should know your body type is so that you can dress for it. It does not matter if you are super skinny or on the heavy side, it’s all about how you wear clothes and knowing what to hide and what to show. It is never about whether you are wearing a high-end designer label or a nameless $5 piece– it’s all about how you wear what you have and make sure you are showing and hiding the right part of your bodies for you. What looks good on your friend may not look good on you and vice versa. Remember: it’s not who you wear- it’s how you wear it. The ugliest outfit can look absolutely flawless if it is tailored properly to your fit and you are accenting the right body parts.

See below to find out what body type you are, which celebs are the same as you and what you should wear for your body type (Remember, anything you wear should be tailored and fitted correctly and it will make a world of a difference):shapes1.Carrot (T Frame)-Shoulders measure more than hips
Wear: V-necks, tighter tops, fuller skirts, long patio dresses, wide leg trousers

2. Stringbean (I Frame)- Shoulders, waist and hips are approximately equal
Wear: Boatnecks, horizontal stripes on top or bottom but not both, circle skirts, cigarette pants

3. Pear (A Frame)- Your shoulders are smaller than your hips.
Wear: Halter tops, puff sleeves, A-line skirts, constructed trousers

4. Apple (O Frame)- Your waist measures more than your hips and shoulders.
Wear: Plunging necklines, vertical stripes, darker colors, monotones

5. Peanut (Hourglass)- Your waist and shoulders measure approximately the same and your waist is smaller than both.
Wear: Belted tops, form-fitting tops, high waisted pants and pencil skirts, skinny jeans

Remember ladies: confidence, hide & show body parts and tailored/fit looks!

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