Workout Wednesday: FAB AB’s

AB-ChallengeIt’s nearly spring and summertime! This means bikinis and showing off some skin. Everybody dreads wearing that swimsuit or dress, but why not make this year different?

I have done various ab challenges and videos and by far the above 30-day AB challenge is one of the best. If you want quicker results, then here are my favorite ab videos you can do that actually work:

5 minutes|10 minutes

Ready? Set, Go! The secret is: You MUST do this EVERYDAY for it to work!

Confidence Gear: Top|Hoodie|Sports Bra|Shoes|PantsSkinny Up Pants|Slim Fit Leggings|Yoga 


  1. Sherry says:

    Good Morning Sonia. You must have read my mind, I have been trying so hard to lose some weight, and have lost but not in the area I wanted too. This is perfect, I am starting this challenge on April 1st. Will keep you posted on the results. Have a great day!

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