Mirror Mirror On The Wall


My hubby and I are Restoration Hardware fanatics. I first discovered Restoration Hardware 5 years ago when I was living in Michigan which was when I introduced it to my husband and the fascination begun. We both knew whenever we got our first house together that it would be restored (no pun intended) with Restoration Hardware inspired themes. It was funny because when we got our first place together, our first argument as a married couple was about this leaning mirror behind our couch. My husband wanted it there and I thought it looked extremely odd because it was this nasty yellow color. So, we finally agreed (of course after seeing the Restoration Hardware magazine cover) that we would keep it there as long as he painted the rim a nice dark mustard color. Well, I also wanted to be able to look at myself in a full length mirror which my husband quickly explained was not the purpose of this mirror- purely decor.



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