Happy Groundhog Day! Winter or spring?! I hope it’s winter actually (Spring means allergies, pollen and weird smelling flowers- bleh). Did you know the Germans started the Groundhog tradition and that groundhogs are vegetarians? Anyways, back to the reason why I am writing this post- BARREHog Day!

As a thank you to all of my readers, Little Blue Book is offering a Barre3 Trial (if you’re a first-time subscriber)!  Remember the benefits of Barre?

You can do it at the convenience of your own home, it’s winter, groundhog day and leap year- what do you have to lose? February can be one of the dullest months, so lighten up your life!

How can you get it?

  1. Share your favorite Little Blue Book post on Facebook and tag me or my page.
  2. Share this post or the Barre post on Instagram and tag “@soniaaminthomas” AND this hashtag: #b365.
  3. Once you do ONE of the above, I will message or email you with a personalized link and code for your FREE trial (new subscribers only). Hurry- this complimentary offer is only good until the end of February & spots are limited!

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