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Happy National Gossip Girl Day! -XOXO, NYC


In 2012, Mayor Bloomberg of New York declared January 26th national Gossip Girl day when the 100th episode was going to air (yes, it is that important and that great of a show that it deserves to have a day dedicated to it). The ceremony took place outside of the Humphrey loft in Brooklyn 4 years ago. New York magazine called Gossip Girl “the greatest teen drama of our time.” So for those of you who have been wondering what all this hype about Gossip Girl is, here are my top 10 reasons for why it is one of the best shows of all time:

10. Blair’s Eye-roll
Well, not just Waldorf’s eye-roll, but her whole ‘Queen B’ demeanor. Her dramatic nature makes her character a lot more interesting. She may not be well liked by her peers, but it’s one attitude you need to get to the top: you can’t make people love you, but you can make them fear you.

9. “It” Girl Serena
Serena is glamorous, fun, outgoing and her sun-kissed hair is every girl’s dream. She’s famous, flawless and fabulous. Everyone wants to be her- even her frenemy is jealous of her which makes for an interesting sister-like relationship between the two main characters.

8.  I’m Chuck Bass
Chuck Bass means power. His mysterious aura along with his dapper wardrobe makes him the ultimate go-getter (although I’m sure Dan and Nate fans would disagree). Yes, Nate is the pretty boy, but that’s about it (along with his preppy attire). Chuck has it all- the accent, the power, the money, the clothes, the Empire and of course- the girl.

7. Lilly’s Life
Lilly’s life is every woman’s fantasy. Sure, wouldn’t we all like to have a packed schedule to publicize, network, shop and hold obscenely over the top charity galas all day long? Although she needs a powerful man by her side at all times, she is most definitely able to take care of herself with her Mother’s money.

6. NYC Glory
Gossip Girl put NYC on the line. Of course New York City has always been an attraction, but shows like this and Sex and the City give the city a particular type of glamour which makes every gal want to live there. Gossip Girl definitely brought the Upper East Side to life and put many hang out spots on the map.

5. Gatsby Come to Life
“The Upper East Side was like something from Fitzgerald or Thackeray. Teenagers acting like adults. Adults acting like teenagers, guarding secrets, spreading gossip, all with the trappings of truly opulent wealth.” The extravagant parties and over the top lifestyle however can get stressful- Primates of Park Avenue by Wednesday Martin tells it all from a first-hand view.

4. Outsider Turned Insider
“And membership in this community was so elite, you couldn’t even buy your way in. It was a birth right. A birth right I didn’t have, and my greatest achievements would never earn me. All I had to compare to this world was what I’d read in books but that gave me the idea. If I wasn’t born into this world – maybe I could write myself into it.” Dan is most definitely the ultimate insider- he is the relatable one- the average Joe- yet he is able to become a part of the Upper East Side.

3. Eleanor’s High-End Fashion Life
From Eleanor’s photo shoots and fashion shows to her meetings with high-end companies and trips to Paris- Blair must be the luckiest girl in the world and no wonder she is always so perfectly primped- her mother wouldn’t ever allow anything less.

2. Blair Waldorf
Leighton Meester is my favorite character of the show; I could write an entire blog post if not more about why I love her and why she makes the show so much fun to watch. Besides the obvious reasons, here’s a few on why her character is so amazing: she’s extremely intelligent, she knows what she wants, she’s powerful, she always gets what she wants, she is classy with fantastic style and she never settles for anything less than she deserves. Blair Waldorf is the most inspirational character I have ever met and she motivates me to put on a skirt, high heels and some lipstick and conquer the world.

1. Fashion by Eric Daman
Eric Daman is the stylist of Gossip Girl’s characters (he also styled wardrobes for the characters of Sex and the City and Carrie Diaries). This man is beyond talented. I remember when most people would watch Gossip Girl just for the fashion. He set trends in girls that even till this day they are carrying out. He is the reason I changed my entire closet and inspired me to sport a whole new style. He actually has a “Gossip Girl line” with Charlotte Russe and a book called “You Know You Want It” which talks about his styling’s in Gossip Girl.



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