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Workout Wednesday: Victoria’s Angels

Every girl wishes she could be a Victoria’s Secret model. There is actually a secret training camp that they go through which consists of a heavy workout routine and a strict diet. For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted to be a model. Last year when I was preparing for engagement pictures and the actual wedding, I would go on a super strict diet and have intense workout routines. I remember I said that I could never be a model because I could never do this all the time and that’s what they do- even when they aren’t preparing for a show, they still have to maintain their figure. Props to them- no wonder they are some of the most envied women in America. A girl can only dream to have that type of figure, but here are some daily routines from the angels themselves:

Victoria’s Secret Angel’s Best YouTube Workouts (I do one a day with my routine):
Butt|Legs|Arms|Abs|Love Handles|Full Body|Boot Camp|Arms, Legs & Abs|Buttocks

Victoria’s Secret Angel’s Favorite Workouts (Some from their personal trainers):
Candice Swanepoel| Alessandra Amrosio|Miranda Kerr|Heidi Klum|Robert Brace (Trainer)

And of course, confidence gear (It always motivates you to workout):
Skinny Up Pants|Slim Fit Leggings|Yoga Leggings|Top|JC Hoodie|JC Pants|Sports Bra

1. Lunge2. Reverse lunge3. Side lunge5. Calf raise
Lunge x 50 each side, Reverse Lunge x 50 each side, Side Lunge x 50 each side, Calf raise x 100

1. Tricep dips2. Alternating medicine ball push-up 3. Row to the chest5. Small pulses on the down
Tricep dips x 100, Medicine ball push up x 50, Row to chest x 50 each side, Small pulses x 100

1. Aerotwist2. Jump rope4. Around the world plank5. Aerobliques
Aerotwist x 50 each side, Jump rope x 100, ATW plank x 100, Aerobliques x 50 each side

Try doing these exercises and at least 1 video from above everyday for 3 months- you’ll definitely notice a huge difference and feel much toner!


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