Best TV Shows: Now

Lately, there have been some great TV shows (Read my post about Best TV Shows: Then) & most of them started or will start soon; I’m so excited! My new favorite genre of shows are crime shows (i.e., FBI, organized crime, murder, thriller, etc.), but I’m also obsessed (Taylor Schilling is phenomenal) with Orange is the New Black . I guess that is sort of a crime show too right?

Here are my current shows and my favorite things about them:

1.How to Get Away With Murder
I love how what they learn in class is mirroring a case in real life. Professor Keating’s demeanor and Viola Davis’s attire. All of the characters are so different that they add spice to the show. Wes’s odd neck crick is actually some good acting on Alfred Enoch’s end.


Despite her thick Indian accent and dramatic acting, it is nice that Priyanka Chopra (an Indian woman) is the lead role. I love the flashbacks of what they were and how they interact now in the real world. Quantico seems to be the ultimate boot camp that I would love to attend.

3. Criminal Minds

Although this one may be my least favorite, I have gotten hooked to it and all 10 seasons are on Netflix. The thing I don’t like is that there is no underlying story connecting all of the crimes, but it’s also great in that you don’t have to watch any of the episodes in order. I do love how Gideon seems to always know how to solve anything and Spence’s random smart facts are impressive. Most of all I love seeing the profiling aspect and understanding crazy criminal minds.

4.Pretty Little Liars

I absolutely love all high school shows. This one in particular is more than just “high school” stuff, but what I love about it is that it is actually the same stuff taken to a whole new level with the lonely-lame-rejected girl haunting the ‘mean girls.’ Now that we know who A is- I’m intrigued to see what’s next!


This is my current FAVORITE. James Spader’s acting especially the head tilt is amazingly awesome- he is one of the best actors I have seen. Raymond’s protective nature over Liz is very nurturing. Megan Boone is gorgeous and makes being a FBI agent look pretty awesome. Tom’s love for Liz is comforting. Most of all, I enjoy watching Aram’s crush on Navabi and the silly things it makes him do. I take that back- the thing I love the most is Raymond Reddington’s demeanor, resources, connections, witty remarks and the fact that he makes the life of a criminal look nothing less than glamorous.


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