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    Fashion Friday: Skirttles-Waist the Rainbow

    High waisted pleated skirts are definitely my thing. Lately, I’ve gotten into midi skirts as well (high waist that come down to mid length). Skirts are just so classy & fun & can be mixed in so many ways to give different looks. Ruffled blouses are also very proper and formal that go great when paired with a skirt. And of course everything looks great with a brick red jacket & pearls! Actual: Anthropologie’s Marigot Skirt|Blouse|Shoes|Tights|Gucci’s Coat|Necklace|Earrings Alternative: Skirt|Blouse|Shoes|Tights|Coat|Necklace|EarringsActual: Anthropologie’s Marigot Skirt|Blouse|Shoes|Tights|Gucci’s Coat|Necklace|Earrings Alternative: Skirt|Blouse|Shoes|Tights|Coat|Necklace|Earrings

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    Happy National Gossip Girl Day! -XOXO, NYC

    In 2012, Mayor Bloomberg of New York declared January 26th national Gossip Girl day when the 100th episode was going to air (yes, it is that important and that great of a show that it deserves to have a day dedicated to it). The ceremony took place outside of the Humphrey loft in Brooklyn 4 years ago. New York magazine called Gossip Girl “the greatest teen drama of our time.” So for those of you who have been wondering what all this hype about Gossip Girl is, here are my top 10 reasons for why it is one of the best shows of all time: 10. Blair’s Eye-roll Well, not just…

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    Fashion Friday: Perfumania

    Just like lipstick, perfume is also a signature item for me. I think a classic scent is essential to every girl’s wardrobe and I’m a sucker for perfumes. I personally enjoy fresh and floral scents. Here’s what’s on my current list of rotation: No 5. Victoria’s Secret Tease This is my daily wear perfume and it’s also great for just a casual outing during the day. Warm with black vanilla, frozen pear and blooming gardenia. No 4. Shi by Alfred Sung I’ve used this signature scent since high school. It’s perfect for casual evening outings and still remains one of my favorites. Rice leaf, water lily, orange blossom & mandarin orange. No 3.…

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    Snobbsdale, Shoppsdale & Snottsdale, Oh My!

    Last year for MLK weekend, my husband and I used our wedding points to take a trip to Scottsdale, Arizona. We wanted to make it a tradition to go on a trip every year during MLK weekend, but this year, we decided to postpone our San Francisco trip to a time when it would be a little more warm. I absolutely fell in love with Scottsdale- whether you’re going on a couples trip, girls trip or family trip; it is most definitely a city to see. I enjoyed it so much that I would consider moving there, but I don’t think I could handle the reptiles in the summer that…

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    Workout Wednesday: Victoria’s Angels

    Every girl wishes she could be a Victoria’s Secret model. There is actually a secret training camp that they go through which consists of a heavy workout routine and a strict diet. For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted to be a model. Last year when I was preparing for engagement pictures and the actual wedding, I would go on a super strict diet and have intense workout routines. I remember I said that I could never be a model because I could never do this all the time and that’s what they do- even when they aren’t preparing for a show, they still have to maintain…

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    Best TV Shows: Now

    Lately, there have been some great TV shows (Read my post about Best TV Shows: Then) & most of them started or will start soon; I’m so excited! My new favorite genre of shows are crime shows (i.e., FBI, organized crime, murder, thriller, etc.), but I’m also obsessed (Taylor Schilling is phenomenal) with Orange is the New Black . I guess that is sort of a crime show too right? Here are my current shows and my favorite things about them: 1.How to Get Away With Murder I love how what they learn in class is mirroring a case in real life. Professor Keating’s demeanor and Viola Davis’s attire. All of…

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    Best TV Shows: Then

    Usually the first couple of weeks of the new year, I am always nostalgic and thinking about what has happened and what will happen. This makes me think of the person I have become and the shows that shaped my childhood and the person I am today. It’s amazing how much shows can influence who we grow up to be. I love it when old shows are re-made or prequels come out. Carrie Diaries was good, but it somehow stopped and Girl Meets World went down the drain, but I have high hopes for Fuller House. Some shows are worth watching over and over again- it’s nice because you already…

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    Mouth-water Monday: GLUTEn-free

    Gluten-free seems to be the new hype. Although it has been linked to helping people with inflammatory and autoimmune disorders, many people are using it as a fad diet. Even a few of my friends have said they want to “go gluten-free for the new year.” This prompted me to do some research into what exactly is gluten-free and then I realized I could never completely be gluten-free with my sweet tooth. A completely gluten-free diet definitely has some perks to it such as weight loss (and some nice GLUTEs) and eating more fruits and vegetables. However, I realized much of what I eat is already gluten-free. Here are my…

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    Fashion Friday: A Wintour Wonderland

    Happy New Year! Let’s ring in the new year with a role model and her signature style. Anna Wintour is the chief editor of the popular fashion magazine Vogue. It is said the best selling novel and film, The Devil Wears Prada, is based off of her which was written by her former assistant, Lauren Weisberger who claims that Anna is as cold as Meryl Streep makes her out to be. For me, Anna Wintour is a fashion icon and someone I look up to- after all, you can’t get to the top without stepping on a few toes and having a crazy tight schedule of waking up before 6am…