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It’s funny how the meaning of New Year’s Eve changes for everyone as we age. Most people I know either love it or hate it. I actually love it and always want to do something to celebrate. Here’s my view on how each age group celebrates NYE:

As a Kid

Balldrop, throwing fake confetti and not making it till midnight


House parties and dressing up

Fancy hotel parties, trips for NYE or yacht parites


Intimate get-together’s at a friends house playing games and discussing life, hanging with family or Netflix


Staying at home with the kids (watching history repeat)


Inviting over other couples for up-scale dinner parties

60’s and beyond

Snoozing and not staying up till midnight

What are your plans tonight? Which NYE category do you fall into?


  • Misty

    I can relate so much to the New Year’s TimeLine you posted. Definitely in my 20’s, it felt like I had to be somewhere fabulous to ring in the New Year–dancing, drinking, etc.. Now that I’m 30-something and married with kids, I ring in the new year at home reflecting on life’s many blessings. My husband and I usually don’t make it to midnight because we fall asleep! Tomorrow we are hosting a brunch/playdate in the afternoon! We can do a champagne toast then! Ha!

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