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Workout Wednesday: SOREangeTheory


Orangetheory is a 1 hour workout class, but they have their own gym. I joined Orangetheory back in March and continued it for 3 months until the end of May when I was trying to get back in shape for my sister’s wedding after gaining a few pounds after mine. (By the way, if you just want a workout to do, then skip all the way to the bottom of the post).

The Theory
They use a heart monitor (POD) to monitor the 5 interval training zones (grey, blue, green, orange and red). You’ll be doing a lot of high intensity interval training throughout the hour and the goal is to be at 84% or higher (orange and red) for 12-20 minutes of the 60 minutes. The theory is that if you can do this, you will continue to burn calories with an increased metabolism for 24-36 hours.

The Workout
During the workout, you’ll rotate through 3 stations with different workout routines, speeds and intensities everyday:
1. Treadmill– You’ll run on here at base, push and all-out speeds depending on your abilities.
2. Rower– You’ll row for distance or time.
3. Gym- You’ll use weights and other things for strengthening workouts here.

The Confident Attire
Remember, feeling confident makes a world of a difference:
Top|Hoodie|Sports Bra|Shoes|Pants

The advantages
1. The great thing about it is that it is nationwide and you can attend anywhere as long as you have membership to one. This was great for me when I had paid for 3 months, but went to Dallas, TX for a week long work conference and was still able to attend classes there.
2. They have a variety of times ranging from 5am till 8pm and they do the same workout all day nationwide so everyone in the country is doing the same thing.
3. If you’re someone who works out every now and then and you are overweight, then this is the perfect class for you to lose pounds fast and I’ve seen it work on quite a few people.
4. Everyone can see how much you are burning on the screen from your POD– for me that was a motivator to try to beat everyone (but if you’re not competitive, then this is a disadvantage).
5. They do guarantee money back if you do not lose weight in a certain period of time and are eating correctly as well (this happened to me and they were generous enough to give me my money back).

The disadvantages
1. If you’re someone who is pretty in shape and want to lose the last few pounds, then this is not the class for you. I went hard for 3 months- towards the end I even went twice a day burning 1000 calories a day at times, but did not lose even half a pound. I did tone up, but the inches I lost were not significant- I could have done that on my own at home.
2. It is super expensive. And an hour is kind of long- not even including the time you get up to get ready and drive over there and back home- definitely a good 2-2.5 hours in total.
3. See #4 in advantages.
4. Going twice a day is not a good idea. You can get pretty banged up and exhausted from high impact on your body. I went twice a day for 1 week and it took me 2 weeks to feel normal again.
5. You’ll get frustrated because someone else in class who is twice your size will burn twice as many calories as you and stay in the “orange zone” sufficiently longer than you. They may tell you it’s because you’re fit and your heart is strong so you need to work harder and while that may be true, it is not fun to hear and can be discouraging.

The Orangetheory On Your Own
Here is how you can do Orangetheory at your own gym or even at home like me. If I do it at home, I substitute the treadmill with running outside and using my best judgement on speed and I substitute the rowing with push-ups for the amount of time listed and aim to get AMRAP (as many reps as possible).


Try it out and go feel SOREanged!


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