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Christmas Day marked the 1 month anniversary of Little Blue Book, but I didn’t want to steal Christmas’s thunder! So, happy belated blogiversary to my blog! Up until now, many of my readers have asked me what direction my blog was going in. I actually don’t have just one thing that I focus on. I am a lifestyle blogger and post in 6 categories:

  1. Food (Mouth-water Monday’s)
  2. Fitness (Workout Wednesday’s)
  3. Fashion (Fashion Friday’s)
  4. Furnishings
  5. Fabulous Life of S.A.T.
  6. Flying Around the World

I have started blogging about certain categories on certain days of the week as mentioned above, but I have no intention of just picking one category as of now since I have a passion for it all and have so much to share. Also, if you haven’t noticed already- I love to come up with titles for my posts that have a play on words or reference a movie or book or show that I love. Here is a little explanation of what I post about in each category:

  1. Food: ‘Mouth-water Monday’ consists of healthy recipes I love, posts about what I eat, different types of diets, best restaurants I’ve been to, best desserts and random tid-bits about cooking.
  2. Fitness: ‘Workout Wednesday’ consists of different exercises I’ve tried and the ups and downs of them, how I lost weight, how to maintain weight, different home workouts and fitness tips.
  3. Fashion: ‘Fashion Friday’ consists of outfits I own and where to buy them including alternatives for lower pricing or different styles. It also talks about clothing or accessories that I want and alternatives for them, toiletries and general fashion talk.
  4. Furnishings: This consists mainly of either things around my house that I absolutely love and where to buy them, different ways to decorate different rooms on different budgets and decor I hope to have one day and of course where to buy it along with alternatives.
  5. Fabulous Life of S.A.T: This is a compilation of random posts about my life or things that I love that don’t really fit into any other category. Sometimes I put in quotes or ‘lessons’ I’ve learned over the years as well. Basically, just random stuff about me and things people can relate to.
  6. Flying Around the World: This is really just another way of saying “travelling” (I wanted to stay with my “F” theme). I absolutely love travelling so I post in here about places I’ve been to and what I did there. I’ll also talk about how I plan trips and try to get the best deals!

Writing blog posts gives me a lot of joy. I may not be a writer, but I definitely have a lot to share. I also wanted to thank YOU- thanks to all of my loyal readers (especially my Mom- my #1 fan) whether you are a subscriber to the blog or not- I am so fascinated that so many people read my blog and to get messages, texts and emails from people I have not connected with in so long is touching. Little Blue Book would be nowhere with you- Merci to all of you! And cheers to hopefully many more blogiverasries!

I also wanted to thank my sister for giving me the most thoughtful Christmas present ever- a real life version of my Little Blue Book and a silhouette vintage of myself that is very similar to Audrey Hepburn’s:
10492315_10105096874823840_7804775551908768936_nUp until now I have been posting daily, but I quickly have come to see that is difficult to maintain along with quality. I will be decreasing to twice a week for now and I’ll go from there!


  1. Louise says:

    Ditto! Happy one month, you have become a regular for my post spin coffee, along with the skimm! Love your enthusiasm for life! (Your sister obviously knows you – great gifts!)

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