Fashion Friday: A Dressy Messy Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone! Christmas happens to fall on Fashion Friday, so I will be talking about Christmas outfits and showing a couple of mine (a dressy version for holiday parties (Don’t forget my tips!) and a messy version for opening gifts)! I hope your Christmas is white and snowy- I’ll be in GA with Jibin’s family for the day and then in IL for my family’s annual Christmas reunion for the evening- no matter where you are- I’m sure you need outfit ideas!

The Dressy Christmas Outfit
IMG_9926Actual: Shirt|Skirt|Tights|Shoes|Purse|Scarf 1|Scarf 2|Earrings
Alternatives: Shirt|Skirt|Tights|Shoes|Purse|Scarf 1|Scarf 2|Earrings
Curious about the artwork in the background? (Read my post on PRADA MARFA)
Know what I’m talking about already? Buy it here.

The Messy Christmas Outift
IMG_6043 (1)
Actual: Sweatshirt|Sweats|Socks
Alternatives: Sweatshirt Women’s & Mens|Sweats|Socks
Sweatshirt tribute to my favorite: Home Alone 2! (Read my post on Top Christmas Movies)
Don’t know what I’m talking about? Watch the famous Home Alone 2 scene here!


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