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Sappy Netflix Holiday Movies You’ll Probably Never Watch But I’ll Still Blog About It


Happy Christmas Eve! In honor of today, I  have decided to rate my top 10 sappy holiday movies on Netflix that you will probably never watch, but I still want to write about it because I secretly had fun watching them!

My Top 10 (Really it’s 16) Netflix Holiday Movies in Order from Worst to Best

10. Happy Christmas & A Very Murray Christmas (Both equally last on my list).

9. Bad Santa (Funny…sort of).

8. Dear Santa (Touching but a little too Lifetimey) & Switchmas (Reminds me of Parent Trap).

7. A Holiday Engagement (Similar to My Fake Fiancé) & Coming Home for Christmas (Not bad).

6. Holidaze (A typical love story).

5. Christmas Kiss & Christmas Crush (Both equally as sappy and awesome).

4. Christmas with the KranksI’ll Be Home for Christmas (Duh, they were part of my top 10).

3. Christmas Angel (Okay very Lifetimey but a great lesson to learn).

2. 12 Dates of Christmas (Zack Morris is in it ladies.) & All I Want for Christmas (Cute).

1. The Mistletones (A little girl rivalry that reminded me of Pitch Perfect!)

So grab a glass of hot chocolate chocolate chip cookies (after watching A Christmas Story all day on TBS today & tomorrow) while you wait for Santa & let me know what you think of them!

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