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Around the same time that I started my Little Blue Book blog, I also started a wedding consulting company called Behind the Scenes. Most brides dread wedding stress and find it extremely draining. I was not the norm when I got married a little over a year ago on October 4, 2014. I absolutely loved preparing for my wedding (probably due to my high-strung, type-A, super organized, plan-ahead personality) and I felt I was born to do it. Seriously, I had the wedding blues after it was all over because I missed all the hype leading up to it. I realized for people who may not have friends who just got married, it would be very difficult to find out where to begin. I also enjoyed helping my friends out after my own wedding and sharing my wisdom with them. That’s when I decided I wanted to begin a unique wedding consulting company.

I wanted to be the person who helps guide newly engaged couples on where to begin, how to do it and when to do it by. It’s also different than traditional ‘wedding planning’ companies in that I offer many more services than just the planning aspect (i.e., honeymoons, weight loss, name change assistance, etc) at a lower than normal price of traditional wedding planners since I am a wedding consultant and not a planner. Weddings are a passion for me and it is something I like to do for fun and since I’ve been through it myself recently, I know the ins-and-outs and how to help prevent stress to the Bride. Most people always say if they could do it all over again they would do a few things differently.

Here are some things I tell all brides and wish I could tell the engaged-me back then:

  1. Don’t stress the small stuff. Everyone says it, but when you’re the bride you really don’t care and want to go above and beyond in everything you do to aim to be different. To be honest, nobody will notice if you had gold or white chivari chairs or if the color of the stone on your necklace exactly matched your outfit… your bridesmaids may notice, but the common guest doesn’t care about anything except food, drinks and partying.
  2. Don’t spend so much time on reception name cards. My husband and I spent countless hours making our table numbers and reception name cards. We wanted a designer label theme so we assigned each table with a high-end designer brand (i.e., Cartier, Gucci, Ralph Lauren, Harry Winston, Fendi etc). We also made individualized credit cards with the name of the guest on it along with the table number as a part of the credit card number with the company’s logo in the middle of the credit card. Not many people noticed- or at least not as many as we thought or hoped would.  To our defense- we had so much fun doing it and there were a select few who came up to us and said they appreciated it.


3. Ask a friend or family member to be in charge of photos and video in addition to the professionals. I really wish someone had told me that and I cannot stress it enough as my #1 advice. Professional photographers and videographers may have 3 people helping them, but honestly, it is impossible for them to capture every moment and you don’t want a time you really wanted to see to not be there. Also, professionals are people too and can make mistakes such as loosing footage or pictures (I was fortunate, but I know a few people this happened to) and you can’t ever get those memories back. My suggestion is to ask someone who has a camera to videotape and take pictures at all events!

4. Don’t go crazy about losing weight prior to the wedding. This is the #1 thing I wish I could change.  I actually only lost 6 pounds from my normal weight for my wedding, but somehow it made a world of a difference. But I would not recommend it unless it is something you plan on keeping off long-term for a few reasons:

  1. You WILL gain it back after the honeymoon and everyone will be more likely to notice your weight gain.
  2. You will feel like crap because you’ll be used to your thin self that you no longer are.
  3. When people look at your pictures they’ll say, ‘Wow you were so skinny…’ with an awkward silence since it seems you’ve gained so much now but in reality, you are just back to your normal weight.
  4. You’ll buy new clothes with your new skinny self and then feel depressed when they don’t fit you a year later.
  5. You’ll have to alter your wedding dress or wedding ring size less than a year after your wedding which is super embarrassing.
  6. Conclusion: Only lose weight for your wedding if you plan on doing it long-term and keeping it off, otherwise don’t lose it just for the event.

Weddings are really one of the most amazing times, but remember- it is a marriage you are ultimately looking forward to- so don’t make the wedding bigger than the marriage. Remember, if you’re newly engaged- don’t get overwhelmed- that’s what wedding consultants are for and especially if you’re on a budget and want a personal touch, contact me at Behind the Scenes!


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