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Workout Wednesday: Run Forrest Run!


Every Wednesday is “Workout Wednesday” where I will post about different workouts I have done in the past and how they’ve helped me and who they are good for along with tips I’ve learned along the way!

It used to take me 14 minutes to run a mile when I was 11 years old. Now, I can run a mile in 9 minutes. My goal is to run a mile in 7 minutes. Lesson: Don’t give up- practice makes perfect.

Running outside is so enjoyable. After I did 3 months of OrangeTheory, I had gained quite a bit of endurance and I realized I could run 3 miles without stopping. My competitive nature forced me to slowly proceed to routinely running 5 miles (although I do have to stop quite a few times). There is controversy in that- running for long periods of time is not good for you or your joints- some say you should run 3 miles a day for 5 days rather than 5 miles a day for 3 days. I usually run 5 miles a day twice a week, but slowly I may change it up to 3 miles a day for 3 days for that very reason (Beginners: How Far Should I Run?)

I never ran on a regular basis until the past 6 months. I’m no expert, but here are my secrets & tips that I’ve learned along the way:

  1. Measure how far you run: For those who don’t have or like FitBits, there is a free app called Steps you can download on your phone to tell you distance, time and calories OR a heart rate monitor. It’s amazing how many calories you can burn running 5 miles in 50 minutes- 500!
  2. Power through: When the going gets tough, get tougher! Power thru those times when you feel like you can’t breathe and need to stop. My rule is I only stop when something starts to hurt (knee, ankle, back, etc)- otherwise I keep going.
  3. Feel confident: I always work out at home so I never had fancy workout clothes until I began to take classes. It sounds silly, but looking great really helps you while you run. Athleta has the most amazing Skinny Up pants that are magical- they’re so thick that you will never get a wedgie or the feared camel-toe no matter how tight they are. They form to your body and retain heat so they’re perfect for the cold weather! Here are some other things that make me look good and feel better (I’m a Nike gal!):
    1. Nike’s Dri-Fit Tops
    2. Nike’s Hoodies
    3. Nike’s Touch Screen Gloves
    4. Nike’s Sports Bras
    5. Nike’s Shoes (Find the best shoes that work for you, these are what work for me)!
    6. Juicy Couture’s Famous Va-lour Track Suit: Pants and Hoodie
  4. Perfect Playlist: Come up with your own version of the best running playlist. Songs that you love and will motivate you- they do not have to be fast songs- just anything that makes you move and smile. Sometimes when my favorite song plays in my list I pretend I’m dancing on stage and there’s a huge audience watching me and it always makes me run faster. Here’s my current playlist:
    1. See You Again- Wiz Khalifa
    2. Somebody That I Used To Know- Gotye
    3. Summertime- Lana Del Rey
    4. Thinking Out Loud- Ed Sheeran
    5. Love Me Like You Do- Ellie Goulding
    6. Balam Pichkari- Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani
    7. All of Me- John Legend
    8. Fight Song- Rachel Platten
    9. Happy- Pharrell Williams
    10. Tooh- Gori Tere Paar Mein
    11. Feel So Close- Calvin Harris
    12. Bonnie & Clyde- Jay Z & Beyonce
  5. Run to a happy place: Recently, I discovered this country club a couple of miles from my house with gorgeous houses and views (you can see the picture above I took while running through the golf course one day!) Find a place you love- whether it is calm and peaceful where you like to be alone or busy streets that motivate you since people are watching- I like a mix of both!
  6. Beat yourself and mark your progression: Have a ‘mile marker.’ For example, I know when I get to #7 on my playlist, I have to be at 3.1 miles by the end of the song otherwise I know I’m slower or faster than my other days. Once you have markers (i.e., songs, locations, times) you can try to beat yourself the next time around!
  7. Eat and sleep: I have definitely noticed that the days I run the best are when I have eaten healthy (yes, you still need carbs but only good carbs like oatmeal) the day before and not over indulged on fatty sugary substances. Also, I run best when I have gotten enough sleep the night before (a full 7-8 hours for me). It makes a huge difference. I run my very best when I’ve had a whole week of eating extremely healthy. This can make a difference of a few minutes which in the running world is a lot!
  8. Stretch after running: I don’t ever stretch before running (there are conflicting theories), but I stretch for at least a full 5 minutes after I come back from running. It makes a world of a difference in how you feel, when you can run again and it prevents injuries.
  9. Find your limit: I know for me I can’t run for more than 3 days in a row. There are times I have ran more than that and my knees start to ache and I start to slow down significantly. Listen to your body and know when to stop!
  10. Reward yourself: If you have done better than other days or you have improved, then reward yourself with a small treat whether it is food since you burnt extra calories or something as simple as a glass of wine!

Lastly, watch this inspirational video when you need some motivation: Run, Forrest, Run!

Happy Hump Day!


  • Tanvi

    I have tried and tried and tried, I am just not a runner. I can do sprints. I can even do intervals on treadmill but when it just comes to running, just just doesn’t happen!

    I will try your tips, next time I am on my “I must run” agenda 🙂

    ∞ © ∞

    • soniaaminthomas

      I used to be just like that for years! I never used to be a runner, but it’s my playlist that keeps me going and the feeling I get afterwards of satisfaction. I also usually feel a bit more energized and feel more fit on the days I run vs other workouts so that helps too! Let me know if the tips help!

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    Workout Wednesday: Run Forrest Run! – Little Blue Book

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