Fashion Friday: B O U C C I (boo-chee)

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Every Friday will be Fashion Friday! I will be posting either an outfit, item or accessory which I own or want and where to buy it along with alternative options.

The most fashionable, warmest, heaviest, softest suede-d, classic tailored fit, perfect autumn colored jacket I had ever seen was in the pre-fall 2015 G U C C I line.

I must have seen this jacket a dozen times (or at least it felt like it) on my recent trip. At Charles De Gualle, Mall of Emirates in Dubai, the shops in the Burj Towers in Abu Dhabi, Rome, Florence and then again in Paris. I would run to the Gucci store like a kid running to open gifts under the tree on Christmas Day and stare at the perfection in awe until an employee would ask if I needed any help.

Yes, I needed help. I am mesmerized by your flawless jacket and need it now. This double breasted brick red was a color I had never seen before. I found it in brown (right) upon my return to home, but it was not nearly the same (see below)- so I had given up on my hunt for it. Thankfully, my talented hubby was able to find the gorgeous roasted sand (left) color that I had drooled over:

When I tried it on, I could not believe how warm and heavy the suede felt against my shoulders and how it perfectly tailored my body. I still have dreams of this jacket; I clicked on it last night and to my surprise- it was 40% off which made it even cheaper than Italy, but I can’t justify it. I regret not buying it when I had the chance with one left in all of Europe (okay that’s the last of the bougie (boo-jee) talk in me).

More affordable versions:

Dennis Basso Washable Suede Trench Coat w/ Removable Belt & Print Lining • $69.48
Lipsy Suedette Trench Coat With Belt • Lipsy • $100.50
Factory Rumor Has It Double-Breasted Trench Coat • $61.60
Faux Suede Sleeveless Belted Trench Coat Rust • Missguided • $59.50
Fringe Faux Suede Trench Coat Rust • Missguided • $68

But then again, there’s always joy in the unattainable


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